Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What works and what doesn't?

This blog is still very new and it is finding its metaphorical feet. As i haven't done a blog like this before (a true personal web log instead of a subject specific blog) i am still striving to find the perfect mixture of subjects and topics. The Sunday Fail repostings for example have stopped, it was a neat idea to be lazy and reuse old blog posts but the posts themselves seemed to jar against the rest of the blog so i thought i would stop them.

Of course a personal blog is all very well if you have the kind of crazy hipster life where loads of amazing things happen to you on a daily basis and you can drone on endlessly about how cool you are. Unfortunately though i am in the 99.9% of the population who don't have a crazy hipster life.

I could of course still write about my day in minute detail. Maybe detailing what i had for lunch but i don't think anyone would find that especially interesting but i had a lovely curry today made by my wife for dinner, a mackerel pate sandwich for lunch and muesli for breakfast in case you are interested? No thought not.

I could write about music but i have a music blog already, maybe i could write about the books i read? Well that sounds like it could have some traction though that would generate at most one blog post a week. So if i do that, make the odd post about things i do actually end up doing outside of the daily routine, post about pointless geek crap and go on the odd formless thought experiment that should keep this blog reasonably active huh?

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