Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Brother returns

Is this legit? It seems so. Big Brother bowed out with a slow drawn out fart last Summer on Channel 4 but has apparently been resurrected and will return on Channel 5 this Summer! To be honest i was a BB addict for the first few seasons. The first season started not long after i moved into my house and back then i didn't have Sky or cable so Big Brother filled the usual Summer TV void.

It was addictive viewing back then of course, the iconic Nasty Nick and later on Jade who became probably the only bona fide star out of Big Brother UK. For the first 3 or 4 series i watched religiously and could probably list every single housemate for you. I bought Dean's novel about being in the BB house (which is a jolly interesting read by the way). I even bought the first 2 series on DVD...

By about series 5 or 6 (its hard to remember now) my interest faded rather quickly and for the last few series i was content to just see the opening night and play housemate stereotype bingo. I did harbour a dream about being a housemate myself once, maybe thats still possible.

So this new series, i hope they take the opportunity to totally reboot the format, trying to bring Davina in for example would be a mistake (in my view Ch4 should have got rid of her after series 5). I wonder what we can expect from the new series, well apart from sleeze and inanity. I guess thats enough!

I did once plan a novel (or collection of short stories) based in the Big Brother house. In one story a gangster on the run from the police underwent plastic surgery and entered the house to establish his new personality. The police sent their own man in to try and work out who the gangster now was. I later reused that idea in my comic series as Dino Big Brother.


  1. You should still pursue some day that gangster storyline in a new series.

  2. I am thinking of a new series in fact, set in the 1930s