Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pillory and whipping post

This morning i felt in the mood for a walk and some photography so set off with some vague notion to head past Water Orton more or less due East of where i live and see what i can find. Eventually after a few red herrings i ended up at Coleshill. Why not stop here i thought as its been a while since i have visited this fine North Warwickshire town. I saw a signpost for the church and took a few nice pictures of it then i saw another signpost for a "country walk" and headed that way...

I'm so glad i did because very soon i was in fields, walking along hedge lined trails and even over a pretty awesome little bridge! I highly recommend this country walk to everyone and i shall return soon to try out some of the other paths. In the meantime here are today's photographs.

In Coleshill itself they have a few interesting historical sights including the place where criminals used to be punished. A pillory and whipping post now adorns the wall of one of the buildings. Who knows if society breaks down in future these medieval law and order tools may become useful again?

Apparently according to Wikipedia the pillory was used to punish bakers who short changed their customers. Get the bankers in there quick! Only one letter different.

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