Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wandering around

This Saturday seems to be rather like last weekend. Like last Saturday i went and did my food shopping in Mere Green, bought a book from the charity book shop there and had a coffee. Later on i was driving along some country lanes in North Warwickshire. One difference is that i had my wife with me this time and i decided to travel to Kingsbury.

Why there? Well I've lived just off Kingsbury Road nearly all my life but never actually gone to Kingsbury (to my knowledge). Now having travelled through the town i just wonder why there is a road to it? I'll have to return one day and try and find out why. Maybe in centuries past it was a destination but i can't see a whole lot there now. I could have just missed it though, i do tend to do that when i am driving. And get lost.

Ah according to Wikipedia there is a 12th century church there which would be nice to visit one day. There is also an oil refinery and a water park though those are slightly more recent additions.

After travelling though Kingsbury i headed up to Tamworth (somewhere else i don't ever recall going to before) and we came across this rather lovely wooden horse on the outskirts. I didn't go into Tamworth though as i wanted to find out where Fazeley Mill Marina was. Its somewhere i want to visit as i am a keen canal walker and have lived next to the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal for ten years. The marina is at the end of the canal before it joins the Coventry Canal.

For once i actually did find something i was looking for. Whether i can find it again one day is another matter but i'm sure to give it a go!

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