Monday, April 4, 2011

My air force

I thought i would blog about my small but growing armada of aeroplanes. Models of course not real ones. As i recounted in my blog article about the Tiger Moth i started making Airfix kits again after a gap of over 20 years (apart from one interlude in the early 2000s when i made a MiG-17) because i had planned to buy a Tiger Moth kit for my Dad but never got around to it before it was too late... Later on after he had passed away i decided to build it myself as a tribute to him.

So it all started from there and now i have built 14 kits. With one exception they are all British aeroplanes and mostly from 1930-1950. For a while i had a theme of building the RAF decade by decade but now my choice of kit is a bit more relaxed. Building aeroplanes of this type and from these eras is all part of the general nostalgic mood i have these days perhaps.

After a couple of biplanes (which i have found hard to be honest as i am not the most dexterous of people) i have stuck to good old monoplanes. Mostly piston engined aircraft though there have been a few jets. In a departure last year i also did a Bloodhound SAM.

Spitfire IXc

Now i am into my third "season" of making kits (where i make them is unheated so its a bit cold and damp to do much during the Winter). So far this year i have made a Bf109 and a Comet Racer and have a F-86 Sabre (RAF of course, natch) and a Gloster Gladiator lined up for the next couple of projects. The latter will be my first biplane since my first couple of projects, hopefully in the intervening dozen or so projects my skills will have been honed so i find it a bit easier!

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