Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EMACS on the Volker-Craig

Years ago (many years ago in fact, at least 20) when i was at Birmingham Polytechnic (now Birmingham City University, my workplace of course) i got my hands on one of the leaflets created by Computer Services to assist us in using IT at the Poly. The leaflet contained instructions on how to use the EMACS editor on the Pr1me minicomputer we had access to if connected via a Volker-Craig VC404. For some reason i kept this leaflet even after the Pr1me and all the Volker-Craig terminals had long gone. Now it remains a treasured souvenir of my HND which i did at Birmingham Polytechnic from 1990 to 1992, in fact i think it might well be tbe only souvenir!

Just in case it doesn't survive another 20 years i thought i would scan the leaflet. Whether there are any Volker-Craig terminals still in use in the world anywhere is unknown but i like to think there may be some somewhere and so this information could be very useful.

Birmingham Polytechnic Computer Services Document #82 : EMACS on the Volker-Craig

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