Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Fridays and sabres

Not been writing a great deal on here this week have i? Not a lot has been happening i guess but anyway Good Friday today. I went to the city centre early, too early in fact as i forgot shops don't open until 10am on a bank holiday. Its an ill-wind as coffee shops are open before 10 so i could wait for the shops over a nice cup of filter and a cinnamon swirl.

I always have a very methodological approach to shopping. I know what i want to get, i go in hard, achieve objective and get out before the flack starts flying. SAS shopping in other words. I needed a few model making supplies including some new varnish to complete the Sabre project and the result of that project is so:
Sabre completed!
And very nice it has turned out too! I also bought a couple of t-shirts as the temperature is steadily rising and my collection of stripey jumpers will soon have to be put away for a bit.

I bumped into a colleague in town as well which was nice but always slightly weird when you do that as it so seldom happens, but then again it is a big place. The world.

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