Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back to Coleshill

Another 4 day weekend, i really could get used to this.

Friday of course was Royal Wedding Day. As someone who is quite comfortable with the idea of Royalty even though being a socialist i found the wedding itself quite interesting though the coverage did go on a bit! I find all the pomp irresistible though the Royal Family does of course underpin the British class system which keeps the working class down which i am opposed to.

However this curious inconsistency is a family tradition, one of my ancestors was a card carrying Communist yet hired out his front room to the local Conservative party for their constituency meetings!

Today i went to Coleshill again, this time with my wife. She did not like it though as there were not any shops, bah! I took some more pictures of the church and around the town itself in any case.


  1. Lovely square. I like the touret of bay windows on all three floors :)

  2. yes i like that too! should have taken some more pics in that square really