Friday, November 29, 2013

A826 w/c 25/11/13

We are now in the final run-in. The dissertation must be handed in in mid-January so in effect that means it must be largely completed by Christmas Eve! That is all on track, the three chapters are all in a good state and i have started working on the conclusion which i will begin writing next week.

Attention is now on how i will get it printed and bound. I looked at a few places and raised my eyebrows at the quotes for printing and spiral binding the dissertation. In the end i have decided to do it myself (or try anyway). I've ordered a laser printer and will get a binder too. Together they come to about the same as the quote to get it printed elsewhere but it will also give me the flexibility and safety margin of being in control of production.

This is something producing the EMA for A825 warned me about last year. I had it all printed, checked dozens of times, about to put into the envelope to send to the Open University when i noticed on one of the references i had spelt "history" wrong! Luckily i was able to reprint that offending page.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

From some angles...

My model railway project Eskalon is progressing well but has a long way to go before it can anything like considered finished (if any model railway can truly be finished?) From some angles though, carefully chosen naturally, photographs of the layout can look pretty good.

Lets get the Christmas started

Its still a bit early i know but i've made a start with some Christmas decorations. To be honest i have a few "Christmas-y" animals up all year round anyway so any bad luck had no doubt already befallen me. I have just put up a few animals in the porch so far, there will be more to come.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A826 w/c 18/11/13

I spoke to my tutor at the start of the week and everything seems to be going well. I've just noticed that i now have less than 2 months before i need to submit my dissertation however, what seemed so so far away now seems too close! Luckily i am well progressed with the writing with just the conclusion to write.

I went to Stratford's archives yesterday to check up on a few things, i think thats all the research done now. Just got some writing to do.

Another trip up the Stratford canal

Yesterday saw another trip to Stratford's archives, maybe the last i'll need to make for awhile. Afterwards i had my first walk up the canal from Stratford itself for awhile. Its a stretch i've walked a few times before but it always welcome. You can see my photos here.

As you may have noticed the photos are all square, all photos i take with my iPhone are square now, i find the iOS 7 camera interface works better that way. I like square photos anyway.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bringing the model making season to a close

I've finally finished my final two model projects of the 2013 season, Project #051 is a Boeing 737 and Project #049 HMS Kipling. Neither are my finest hour model making wise to be honest, the decals on the airliner were a nightmare but all done now (apart from a coat of varnish). Unfortunately before i put my glue away i need to do some repairs to HMS Suffolk (the first model of the year) which received damage to its masts from some toilet rolls (don't ask!)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A826 w/c 11/11/13

Last week i continued work on chapter 3 and sent to my tutor who gave me some good feedback. I also spoke to him yesterday and he gave me some good advice now we are approaching the end game.

Before i start chapter 4, the final conclusions, i think i need to first review the previous 3 chapters, tidy them up and get them consistent in tone. That shouldn't take too long though, everything seems to be under control...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Freight train

Another video from my developing model railway layout, here D16 takes time out from her usual passenger haulage duties to take on some waggons.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A826 w/c 04/11/13

The week ended with another visit to the National Archives, just to check up a few things in a couple of the resources there. I don't think i need to do much more archive work, maybe check a few things out in Stratford.

I continued to work on chapter 3, its gone well but i'm having difficulties ending the chapter. Hopefully a few days break can give me inspiration.

Doing the Limehouse Cut

I went down to London again last weekend, firstly to visit the National Archives again and check up on a few things, and after the work... the play.

Play meaning canal walking of course. The Limehouse Cut is a short canal that runs from Limehouse Basin (the terminus of the Regent's Canal) up to the River Lea near Stratford. In terrible weather (you can see the rain in the photos!) i walked this canal on Saturday and here you can see the photos. Its an interesting little canal that i'll revisit one day (when its not raining!) Here are my photographs.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I've always found alternate or alternative history fascinating. What this is is a literary genre where changes in the historical timeline are explored (hopefully with good research put in to make the new timeline plausible). Good alternate history timelines are a great way to explore historical concepts and the reasons behind historical processes. The most popular subject for alternate histories is what would have happened if Hitler won World War 2, there are a number of interesting books i have read over the years covering this and other alternate timelines.

One book i read years ago (unfortunately i can't remember the author or title) was set in the "present day" but in a very different world where the Turks had overrun Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Maya had not been defeated, and indeed were by now travelling around in steam drive carts.

I found this website a while ago, in its fora are a number of great alternate timelines (as well as some nonsense to be fair). No sign yet though of the ultimate alternate history scenario, what if Ringo had been a really good drummer?

Friday, November 1, 2013

A826 w/c 28/10/13

After being busy writing last week this week i did less on chapter 3 but did apply some polish. I also totalled up all 3 chapters i have written to date (which are in separate files) and i have written 11, 309 words to date. The word limit is between 13 and 15, 000 i believe so i should make that easily with just the conclusion to write.

I need to visit the National Archives one more time so will do that soon.