Friday, April 22, 2011

Short back and sides or English meadow?

I cut the lawn in the garden earlier today, its not something i do very often. I prefer to let my wife do it if she wants, not that i am lazy but i have mown enough lawns in my time including my Nan's lawn in Shard End with a hand mower. Thats enough to put you off mowing the lawn for a life time and in fact it has.

In any case i am not a fan of short grass. It all looks too unnatural, managed and corporate to me. It might look ok in the grounds of a ruthless capitalist corporation or the garden of The Man but i am a socialist and I prefer my garden to look more natural, unruly and mysterious. Rather like my hair. The fact this means less work is required is purely incidental. I prefer the lawn when its longer and you have lots of wild flowers growing. Daisies, buttercups and the odd dandelion. Like an idyllic English meadow.

The rather patchy nature of the lawn however does ruin the effect a bit. Some parts have no grass at all and have been this way for years despite seeding with grass and other efforts. Elsewhere there is a ring of thicker grass growth. My neighbour thinks it is due to pixies, i think however it might be due to a dead body being buried under there. Well maybe i just read and watch too many crime dramas...

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