Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bridleways of England

It being a bright and sunny day i had a most enjoyable walk along a public bridleway between the Tamworth Road and Withy Hill on the edge of Sutton Coldfield. Of course i took my camera with me and you can see the photos here.

This is all Merry old England of course, i imagined myself a Gentleman of the road... oh wait that means a tramp. How about an honest Yeoman? Thats better. A Yeoman traveling along the hedgerows and ancient trees of the local Lord. My life in a knapsack, the ground for a bed and the stars for a blanket. Hmm we're verging on vagrant territory again. Well anyway something like that. Traditional, nostalgic and romantic... without being a tramp. Aha i got it...

Some way along the bridleway i came across a lonely house hidden amid a mini forest. I wonder if this house was occupied, i would so love to live in a house like this. Hidden amid the trees with fields of corn and barley all around. At night you must get a reasonable view of the stars though the nearby M6 Toll means you could never escape endless road noise.

That matters not as you get plenty of the joyous sounds of nature. A flock of birds and maybe the occasional moo of a cow (not that any animals were around). I could imagine myself having an idyllic existence living in the fields. Probably get a rubbish broadband speed though.

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