Saturday, April 9, 2011

Growing chimneys?

As well as walking the bridleways of medieval England i also did some gardening. I sowed some chives seeds though their "use by" date was 2008 so i would be surprised if much sprouts. The biggest project today was to install the first of three chimney pots i am going to place in the garden as some kind of feature.

The chimneys come from my own house, when i had a roofer some and do some work on the roof (which will no doubt fail miserably to last the 5 year guarantee as usual, but i'd have lost his details long before then as usual) i had the chimneys replaced by aluminum pots. The roofer gave me some bull shit about them being too heavy for the roof but i agreed to that aspect of the job as i wanted those old clay pots for the garden! Mind you they are quite heavy.

So here is the first installed, i shall have something flowery hanging out of it at some stage. Its next to a plot of sowed lavender seeds so if that comes up then it will be a jolly nice part of the garden. Hope springs eternal. My radish plot are sprouting though so you never know, i suspect there is more chance of growing some baby chimney pots though.

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