Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meeting request

There is no more terrifying event in the universe than a meeting request arriving in your work e-mail box. Receiving such a request is guaranteed to bring on a wave of despair and sorrow.

As you may have gathered therefore I am not a fan of meetings and try to avoid them. I am an engineer (well software anyway) and prefer to do stuff rather than talk about it. I also prefer to be told what to do rather than talk about it. So maybe i am a submissive engineer. Or at least one with Asbergers.

Thats not to say that i think meetings have no value, without meetings how would any organisation ever operate. What would all those managers do without meetings to attend? Notepad sales would also plummet. Meetings just arn't for me. My mind wanders after about 15 minutes and i start thinking about Star Trek and then get rudely awaken from my daydream about being Captain Sisko by someone asking me something web related. "Erm... raise shields?"

Maybe i am just going about these things the wrong way and i should embrace the meeting culture instead of trying to shun it. I should relish "touching base" (actually i do but thats not a subject for this kind of blog) and formulating "action points" and facilitating  a "raft of measures" during a "thought shower"?

This would involve far too much normal behaviour and meeting human beings for me though alas.