Monday, April 18, 2011

Dentists and chimney pots

I had a day off work today, the main reason was because i had a dental check-up and as it was at mid-day i thought it would be easier to just have the day off. Anyway my teeth seem all fine, well as fine as a mouth full of fillings and cracks can be. My Mum told me that she pulls her own teeth out as she doesn't go to the dentist. She showed me three teeth she pulled out a few years ago, cleaned by now obviously. I am thinking this probably isn't normal behaviour.

Phase 2 of the day was to do some gardening. As i have mentioned before when i had the chimney pots on the roof replaced i asked the roofer to keep the old pots for me as i planned to use them in the garden.

Well i am doing just that! I bought some plants today, usually for hanging baskets but they might suffice as well for my chimneys. I placed some plants in the pot at the corner of my veg plot and also some in a second pot i installed nearer the house. Actually since this photo was taken i have put some plants in the smaller chimney insert (whatever you call these things).

When the plants start to trail down and bloom it could look all very nice indeed.

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