Sunday, March 23, 2014

So you got a Masters, what next?

As you may know after years of work and research, toil and tears (et cetera) i completed my Masters in History this year. So the question is now, what next? The OU would like me to continue with a PhD and that does sound interesting though lack of funds and time at the moment means i can't consider it for the moment. To be honest after 9 years continuous study with the OU i want a bit of a break from required reading and TMAs. I'm not sure what i could research for a doctorate anyway, it was hard enough coming up with a masters project!

I do not have to continue studying formally of course and can continue study and research for myself, indeed i have recently begun to research an aborted canal building project of the late 19th century and hope to write an article for my waterways blog at some stage. I came across the canal project while researching for my dissertation last year, i need to make a trip to the National Archives though, something thats not so easy this year i am in employment!

At the moment though i mostly want to read something different, i have just started Mary Beard's new book and that is very good. I've also recently got into the excellent Ships in Focus Record journal on the history of merchant shipping.

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