Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Review : December

Finally December to conclude my review of 2011. First of all a note on why i did this, apart from instant nostalgia of course. All the information i have used for these reviews is available from my Facebook and Flickr accounts and my blog. Thus it shows just how much information you can put about yourself online. Now of course a lot of these data on the likes of Facebook require context and memories to make any sense of them but someone who didn't know me could probably put together a reasonable review of my 2011 too, i hope this will therefore be of use to future historians.

December involved a third trip to Worcester this year, this time taking my Mum to do some Xmas shopping. I also attempted some Xmas crafts using pine cones, they didn't turn out quite as well as i hoped but at least it wasn't as weird as last year's nativity scene with dinosaurs. After Xmas i paid a trip to Wilmcote and retraced the steps Mary Arden might had made down to Stratford. Well i walked along the canal of course, which didn't exist when Mary was around, she probably took the bus or train. I also paid a short visit to Whitehouse Common in Sutton Coldfield.
Star Wars Lego Advent Day 18
December was marked by a rediscovery of Lego. I bought a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar and also bought some (and was bought) other sets from the City and Star Wars ranges. Lego is a key aspect of geek-dom after all.

Song of the month was "Magic" by Ladyhawke. My music blog has a review of music in 2011.

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