Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Review : June

The midpoint of the year was marked by two genuinely life highlights. During the month i saw the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart in concert (my review here) thus marking the first time i had actually seen whom might be considered my favourite band at the time live (and not cheap has-beens as usual). I also was able to finally attend a graduation ceremony when i was awarded my BA History. For various reasons i never attended a ceremony when i got my BSc Software Engineering at BCU but now finally i was able to don the gown!

It was a good month for canal walks and photography, i took no fewer than 623 photos this month including walks around Curdworth, Stratford, Whitehouse Common and up the Tame Valley Canal in Perry Barr.
Whitehouse Common
I bought a new electronic toy at the start of the month, an iconic HP-12C calculator. Reverse Polish Notation, natch. I developed a new way of budgeting using post-it notes on the wall, and it seems to work quite well. I continued my model making and completed a rather unwieldily Supermarine Walrus.

Song of the month was "Heaven's gonna happen now" by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

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