Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Review : August

The month of rioting, i did not of course as i'm not a gimp. Instead i discovered the joys of Wilmcote which became my new dream place to live. Not far from the station along the canal i came across a spot of total tranquility, no traffic noise at last! For someone who has grown up within earshot of the Spaghetti Juncrtion all his life that is a big thing. Another place i visited was Warwick and its canals, another nice place. I managed to fit in trips to Curdworth and Stratford-upon-Avon too!
Wilmcote P8130048
After my wars against the moths in July (which still rumbled on into August) i was called upon to deal with another infestation, this time of mice at my Mum's house. I had to kill a mouse which was running along her bed, i felt so bad afterwards to be honest but it had to be done. Mum found 2 more dead mice in the weeks afterwards but none since so hopefully that has been sorted out now.

I completed a Fairey Fulmar kit and my song of the month was "A key turns" by The Depreciation Guild.

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