Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Review : September

September began with my first visit to Worcester (that i can remember anyway, i may have come before as a kid). A very nice city Worcester is too which i like indeed, so much so in fact that i returned twice later in the year! Another trip was further afield, this time up to Wigan for my cousin's wedding. While i was there a horse in the field outside the hotel window looked me in the eye and then had a poo. I consider this horse the most honest creature i have ever met.
Lancashire P9170008
At the start of the year i made for myself a (short) list of three targets for canal walks in 2011, on one day later in September i managed to cross off two of these targets by completing the Tame Valley Canal (it is the canal neared to my work so i walk along a short stretch of it very frequently but had not yet walked the stretch from Great Barr to Walsall - well until September 24th anyway). In doing so i was also able to walk the Walsall Canal and cross that target off too. The other target, the Dudley Canal, can wait until 2012...

I received my MA materials ahead of the start of the course in October. After nearly a year off study (my final exam on my BA was back in October 2010) getting started again as a student was a bit daunting. Analogue TV came to an end in the Central region, thus the teletext age ended for me. Although i only read the letters page on P145 at the end it was still a sad loss. Completed kits in September were a Grumman Gosling and a Spitfire Vb.

Song of the month was "Careful what you say" by Class Actress. I discovered the joys of neo-synth pop, a genre i would be listening to a lot more in the months to come.

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