Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Review : February

February was a busy month work wise, the University held its graduation ceremonies and i joined the PR team there to take some atmosphere and additional photographs. I was able to meet a pop star, a Lord and a film legend. I won't say who they are as i'm not a showbiz namedropper!

I went through a Gerry Anderson phase and bought the complete Thunderbirds and Stingray boxsets and then proceeded to devour the Supermarionation action within a couple of weeks. I'm unable to answer the vital question of Penelope or Atlanta though. The Killing also kept me gripped.

Photography wise it was a very poor month with just 7 photos added to my Flickr (for comparison in July i added 932!) The best of the lot was probably this one of a narrowboat on the canal.
Tame Valley Canal
The Depreciation Guild was my band of the month with their "Crucify you" my favourite song.

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