Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Review : October

October was the month i had been awaiting all year with trepidation. Why? Because of my 40th birthday. I officially became an old man. I could have taken stock i guess, but didn't. Or had a mid-life crisis, this i did but of course my crisis was in my own unique style. I bought a record player and some 7" singles.

For my birthday i went to Oxford for a very enjoyable break, there i took many photographs of the dreamy spires and the canal using the new Nikon DSLR camera my wife bought me for my birthday. Later in the month i also went to Hatton again.
Oxford Museum of Natural History
Other highlights of the month included seeing the Tintin movie (in 2D natch) and seeing my first ghost. My house is haunted and for years i have felt a presence and sometimes also heard things, one night in October however i saw what looked like a Victorian lady in a bonnet by the side of my bed out of the corner of my eye. When i turned my head she was gone though. Later on i saw her again. Luckily there haven't been many hauntings since.

I had my first eye test for a couple of years, once again i came away without needing glasses though the optician told me i might need some after i came again in a couple of years time. Getting old see?

Song of the month was "Helas" by Young Michelin. Completed kits were a Hurricane I and a Hannover Cl IIIa, the latter had wonderful paintwork which took ages to do but it was worth it afterwards, more or less.

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