Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Review : March

As the Winter receded and Spring approached things picked up on the activity front. I did my first canal walks of the year, visiting the Titford Canal in Oldbury early in the month. I also visited the Plantbrook Nature Reserve. After just a handful of photos uploaded to Flickr in February there was a whopping 228 uploaded in March!
My wife Arlene became a British citizen in March, attending her citizenship ceremony was interesting. It was all very New Labour, smiley and friendly but with strict rules and little tolerance if you deviated from them. Other highlights of the month included setting my mortgage on a new fixed rate for 5 years as i thought the base rate was long overdue a rise, now in December the base rate still hasn't risen and analysts reckon it won't rise for a while yet. Ho hum!

I resumed model building after the Winter break and completed an Bf109 and a DeHavilland Comet. I applied for Olympic tickets (though was ultimately unsuccessful) and tried to change the toilet seat in the bathroom. Problems with the screws meant i gave up for the moment... unfortunately the moment to resume has not come yet!

This blog was created in March, another attempt to create a personal blog and its still going so maybe this one will finally work.

Song and artist of the month was Susan Fassbender and her hit "twilight cafe".

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