Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A load of old junk... or an 8-bit treasure trove?

Last night i finally got around to photographing as many of the old computers and calculators i have in my loft as i could. In the loft i have some old Apple computers (a couple of Apple 2s and some early Macintoshes), a few old PCs, old game consoles and a collection of 70s and early 80s calculators. In the early 2000s i went through a phase of collecting these old calculators, that was before it became fashionable and prices on Ebay soared by about 1000% of course.

Have a look at the photos in the slideshow below or check out the Flickr set. So an 8-bit retro computing treasure trove or a load of old junk that should have been chucked in a skip decades ago? Well you decide but i know my answer.


  1. Great to have pix for insurance and/or ebay purposes.

  2. actually it was just to show off my geekness