Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Review : November

The penultimate month of the year saw me travel to Milton Keynes (for the first time, as opposed to just travelling through to and from London) for the first day school of my current Open University course. Both MK and the OU campus are rather strange places to be honest, naturally i got lost. The day school was an interesting experience however, once i found where i was supposed to go!

I also returned to Worcester, this time walking the canal there and went to Stratford for what i thought would be my final visit of the year (though i went there again today so obviously it wasn't).
Worcester DSC_0064
I launched a new blog, spinning my comic reviews from my music blog to their own dedicated home. Take A Clean Sheet Of Paper is the new blog and hopefully it will also be a success. I completed a Bristol F.2B kit and then called an end to my 2011 Airfix modelling campaign. The outhouse where i do my kits is just too cold in Winter to sit there and hold a paint brush steadily. I shall begin the 2012 campaign in March perhaps.

Song of the month was "I love boys" by Amanda Applewood.

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