Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Review : July

The heat was on, especially at home where i had a moth infestation in my living room! I spent all of the month hunting the things down, luckily by the early Autumn it seemed like they were all gone. I ended up breaking my vacuum cleaner during the early battles but it was an ill-wind (sorry) as i was able to purchase a Henry as a replacement!

One experiment in July was to take a photo every day during the month, the results were mixed with some days i was finding it hard to think of something interesting to photograph (and it makes it look like my life revolves around canals and coffee which is probably true) but you can see them all here. July was a busy month for going places and hence for photography, i took 932 photos (the most ever in a month) including photoshoots in Leamington Spa, London (including the Imperial War Museum), the Soho Loop in Birmingham and Hatton.
Imperial War Museum P7160079
I also went to a few cricket matches including T20 and 2nd XI action at Edgbaston and Walmley, the former was a televised match and i was able to spot myself in the crowd later on when Sky replayed it, the first time i've ever seen myself on TV, mind you i was just a blur in the crowd which is probably a good way of summing up my life.

Model building continued, i finished a lovely Spitfire Ia and started a Fairey Fulmar. Song of the month was "Cold colours" by the Trembling Blue Stars.

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