Sunday, March 27, 2011

Making a killing

Have you been watching The Killing on BBC4? I have, Euro drama is probably the only TV that gets me excited these days so a 20 part Danish crime drama was Manna from Heaven for me especially when it was as good as The Killing / Forbrydelsen. Last night's conclusion was equally exciting and baffling though it all more or less made sense with plenty of loose ends to ponder, the Guardian have a good review of the last 2 episodes.

Another great thing about series like this and other Scandinavian crime fiction like Wallander is that my Mum has got into it too thanks to me and finally we have something to talk about.

Anyway from Denmark to France for next week as Spiral 3 begins, of course i shall be watching. I just re-watched the 2nd series of that on DVD in fact and that is another fantastic drama, hopefully series 3 will be as good.

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