Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have today and tomorrow off work, i'm not going anywhere hence "staycation"! I have been fairly busy today though, i've managed to do some DIY and visited the local nature reserve Plantbrook for the first time this year. Of course at the latter i took some photographs.

The DIY was all in the bathroom, i bought a new shower head as the old one seemed to be falling apart and spraying water everywhere. Fitting that was easy, even me with my mediocre DIY skill set could do that. The other task was to replace the toilet seat with one my wife bought which intriguingly looks exactly the same as the old one. That job had to be delayed though as i lacked the right screwdriver. There is always tomorrow.

I also put in some carrot seeds and built a second nursery cage. The radish in the first one are yet to sprout but its the seeding time now so i can't really wait.

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