Friday, March 18, 2011

Digging for victory

One thing i will move from my music/creativity blog to here is gardening where it seems a better fit. Over the last few years i have been successfully growing my own vegetables. Other aspects of gardening don't interest me that much such as mowing the lawn and stuff but beans and tomatoes, i'm there.

A couple of weeks ago as the Winter seemed to be finally moving away i ventured out into my garden and took down the "walls" of my veg plot, the mesh cage i used never stopped slugs helping themselves and it just made reaching parts of the plot problematic and weeds grew like crazy around the edges.

I am thinking about spreading the veg out in the garden this year to take advantage of natural protections against predators, well we will see. One thing i may try is building smaller cages to protect shootings and seedings.

One thing i have started already is growing cress though as its still pretty cold its taking awhile for my first crop to be ready for my sandwiches.

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