Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Haircut sir?

I had my haircut yesterday, an event always fraught with nervousness and danger. I am obsessed with my hair you see, its totally unruly and thinning on top though remaining defiantly too thick on the sides. For years i used to cut my own hair as i couldn't get hairdressers to do it how i like into some kind of pseudo 60s indie hipster cut. In hindsight i realise this was unadvised. As was the purple hair dye i tried once. Still when you are young you have to look foolish, though i was 27 at the time.

(I could of course go to a proper salon with a highly trained hair stylist but the thought of spending over 30 quid on a haircut is just so foreign to me, though of course i can happily spend the same amount of CDs and books and frequently do.)

So yes a "bog standard" barbers then but how to pick one. Well i prefer to have women cutting my hair (not for any sordid reason i hasten to add... well not quite anyway) and there is a handy salon on my way home. So thats where i went last night, with tip it came to 10 pounds. Is the cut any good? Well not really but its adequate. It'll grow back. In about 3 weeks my hair will be in that golden zone where its exactly how i want, then a few weeks later it will pass its peak and get steadily worse as it gets longer.

Then in about 3 or 4 months i'll get a cute young girl to butcher it again and the cycle will begin again. Actually no "butcher" is wrong, its fine, more or less. If you at Erdington's eastern edge down Bromford Lane anytime look out for the giant pink scissors sign.

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