Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pondering my future academic options

In December i completed a BA in History with the Open University as you may or may not know but you should know as i basically have told anyone and everyone. There are Stone Age tribes in the Amazon untouched by the decadence of Western civilisation who know. The graduation ceremony is all booked and set for June, i have the certificate already. It has been framed and is on my wall. But now i need to make a decision about what i am going to do about my studies next.

I am likely to continue with the OU and do their history masters but i have been looking at a number of other universities including Birmingham. Their distance learning MAs though either arn't quite what i want to do or i can't find out enough about them. (I tell you looking at university web sites as a prospective student is a lot different from looking at them for a living...)

The OU course does not begin until October but i think i need to register soon so i can prepare myself, preparatory reading and so on. I have decided to make my final decision on April 1st. No joke!

My only real concern (apart from the fees though i can afford it) is what the step-up is from a BA to an MA. Is there a big leap or should a graduate be ready to progress to the next stage?

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  1. Ur passionate about the topic(s) of study, ergo no big jump, just a slight adjustment to workload perhaps.