Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Review : November

The damp soggy Summer and Autumn turned towards an even damper and soggier early Winter. November was not the most inspiring of months and the only trip i made anywhere was to Stratford (and that mostly for MA purposes). However the month was still rather busy, as usual i did a good deal of my Christmas shopping (be prepared thats my motto) and also assembled a strange collection of animals made from recycled fabrics which became my Christmas decoration theme.

I didn't do many canal walks at all, i preferred to stay around the campus at lunchtimes. Sometimes i was able to take the odd nice photo though.
My Mum purchased a Chromebook which was interesting, and i was pretty impressed. Most of November appears to have been spent preparing for my dissertation proposal and research essay, they are now in the final stages of writing. I did register for part 2 of the MA though that still seems far off at the moment.

Song of the month was "A vision of hell, 1996" by The Ice Choir.

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