Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 Review : February

Early January was relatively mild and the colder snap later in the month caught me out a bit, i didn't complete the Bristol Bulldog kit until early February because it was too cold in the kitchen extension. I didn't built any more kits for a while until it warmed up!

The ground was frozen when i went on another canal walk, this time walking the final leg of the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal up from Gosta Green to Brindley Place. Later on in the month i also made the first of what will turn out to be a number of visits to Stratford. My first trip of the year included a walk up to Anne Hathaway's cottage in Shottery.

I also visited Witton Cemetery a number of times, taking photos of some of the more ornate gravestones and shrines and also re-locating the burial plot of my great-grandfather and uncle. Their graves did not have a gravestone so finding the plot required a map and counting down from extant gravestones. The problem with this is it does mean a certain amount of guesswork so you cannot be 100% sure you have the right place...

Song of the month was "Dusk till dawn" by Ladyhawke. Highlights of the month include buying a small table for meals in the kitchen and my main bookcase collapsing and giving me a nice bruise on my arm.

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