Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Review : December

The final month of the year began with icy cold and ended with milder but wet weather. I prefer the mild weather but i hope 2013 will be a bit drier. I paid 2 more trips to Stratford, the first was to do some final research in the archives and the latter one was purely a trip out.

I scored a retro tech hit early in the month when i purchased a gorgeous 70s typewriter off eBay. Why i want it is still uncertain, as is why i need it... but i did trust me. The rest of the month was spent writing my dissertation proposal and research essay (they need to be submitted in early January 2013) and also planning my return to railway modelling. I have been using the excellent RailModeller app to explore virtually some layout ideas, i shall get my hands on some real track in early 2013.

Christmas was great, my wife surprised me (yet again) by buying me a new iPad. How technology advances, a couple of years ago she bought me an original iPad and that was becoming difficult to use with websites like Facebook. Song of the month was "Darklooming" by The Depreciation Guild.

Now for the final couple of days of 2012, which will be spent in London which is where this story started...

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