Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Review : May

May was when the year really got going, in fact so much was packed into May i actually referred to the month as "Massive May", but i am strange i know.

So what happened in May, well first of all my first visit to Henley-in-Arden which was nice though mostly memorable for falling on my arse while going down a steep muddy hill. Later in May i went to RAF Cosford for the first time in years and very enjoyable the visit to the air museum was too. I also went down to London for the second Day School in my A825 Open University course.

Highlight of the month was at the end though, the first of our 2 holidays this year and it was to York. Again its been years since i've been to York. I vaguely remember coming as a small child in the late 1970s but other than a few vague memories and fuzzy photographs i can't recall much from that trip. This time we basically went everywhere, the National Railway Museum of course, the York Minster, the town itself and several museums. I shall return to the NRM next year hopefully...

Another highlight of the month was receiving my Olympic tickets, or rather my volleyball ticket - i did get some more later on as will be described later in this review. I also went to a gig seeing Ladyhawke and She's So Rad and they were both brilliant! Model kit making got into high gear as i began my sub-project building Airfix railway kits building a couple of mineral wagons. Later on i built a Folland Gnat too. Song of the month was "Let me in" by Class Actress.

And that was May, now breathe.

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