Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 Review : January

Last year on this blog i reviewed my exploits in 2011 so i thought i would do the same for 2012...

2012 began in London for me as i spent New Years at my sister-in-law's though only for a few hours as i headed back to Birmingham New Years morning, sharing the train with a number of groaning drunks. January seems to have been a fairly quiet month as i got on with my postgraduate degree in earnest.

I began the year's canal and nature walks with a crisp walk along the Worcester & Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon Canals in Bournville. Later on in the month i also visited Tamworth (mostly seeing the castle), the first time i can remember visiting the town even though its not that far away from where i live. The castle there is really nice and well worth a visit. Another highlight of the month (literally) was purchasing a set of glow sticks! I started my model making season a bit earlier than usual and built a Bristol Bulldog.

Song of the month was "Keep you" by Class Actress, neo-synth pop which would be my soundtrack for 2012.

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