Friday, September 23, 2011

Locked out

Yesterday my Mum told me about how she forgot to close the inner door on her house when she went out and it swung wide open... luckily the outer door was locked. It reminded me of when i was a kid and i got locked out with the doors in a similar arrangement. Back then the outer door had a Yale lock and it slammed behind me because of an unfortunate gust of wind before i had remembered to lock the inner door... and get my key!

So i was locked out with the inner door unlocked and slightly open (though not too noticeable from the street). My Mum wasn't due to be home from work for hours so what to do? Well of course i did what every normal 13 year old would do in that situation and went train spotting. I used to go to Stetchford railway station a lot in those days and watch the express trains blast out of New Street heading for London Euston (and occasionally you'd get the odd freight train, saw a Class 58 once!)

I had just enough bus fare to get there (well to be honest i was a little short for the return leg) though i had nothing to write the numbers down on me so had to remember the names of the locomotives that went past. I'm sure i forgot a couple. I suppose this was good memory training in hindsight.

After a couple of hours of having Class 86s and 87s blast past me at 100mph i went home to time to meet my Mum. She let me back in the house and that is the end of story. Since then though i've always been paranoid about being locked out and haven't been so again...

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