Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hyper local paper

Its been years since i've received a free newspaper through my letterbox. I used to get one of the Sutton Coldfield free papers until they probably decided we were too poor in my area of Erdington (my Mum still gets it, but she lives near the High Street where all the elite hang out). So when i got home today and found a copy of the Tyburn Mail waiting on my door mat i was very surprised and pleased.

It appears to be an initiative by Castle Vale's hyperlocal Vale Mail to produce a newspaper for a wider area, including the Vale, Pype Hayes, Erdington Hall and Birches Green (where i am) and very good it is too. They've done a good job with this and i hope they are successful and continue with it beyond their planned 3 month trial period.

In between the gradual decline and fall of the national press, the faster decline and irrelevancy of the regional press and the rise of social media and online journalism is there a space for free sheets like this?
Hyperlocal newspaper

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