Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A matter of reading the label

I use goat milk not cow milk, and i am unique in that at work (i like to be special). Therefore i buy my own milk instead of using the department provided cow juice which is fine... until people start using my milk depriving me. I've tried putting labels on the carton (as obviously the supermarket's own "Goat Milk" label isn't sufficient) and i've even sent out an e-mail to the department asking people to not use my milk.

But yesterday my new bottle was still half-empty by the early afternoon, and that wasn't because of me! This upset me a lot but also shows how people don't read the label(s). I've actually seen people in the past take my bottle of the fridge and use it without a glance, its a good job it is actually milk in there and not urine isn't it?

My new idea is to go three dimensional and add a tag to the handle, maybe people will notice then but i'm not holding my breath.

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