Sunday, September 11, 2011

The mysterious drone

Many times as i lay in bed at night as a kid and beyond i would hear a far off drone. Some sort of aircraft of course but with the otherwise peace of the night the drone felt so alone. I would listen to the drone until it faded away and wonder what plane it was. As it seemed like a smaller propeller plane i imagined it could be a light aircraft, maybe some specialist transport link running late at night. Maybe even MI5 or the US government.

Then a few months ago i was in the garden on a light night when i heard the drone again, and as it was a clear night i could finally see the source of this drone. It turned out to just be a propeller regional airliner flying high above, maybe flying into East Midlands Airport. Some of the romance has now been lost. My imagined secret mission has turned into the last flight out of Belfast of the day. How disappointing, sometimes its better not to know everything and keep some mysteries alive.

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