Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review of 2014 : June

As we reached the Summer this Summer was very different to last year's which i spent mostly at home sweating while watching the Ashes on TV. I finished working in Worcester, the last 6 months had overall been good. I like Worcester a lot though the company i was working for not so much, though the people i worked with were great and i miss them.

As i had a week off before my new job started i decided to visit the Severn Valley Railway, i had been once before when i was a boy but never since and as my nightly commute through Kidderminster meant that i passed the SVR every day i thought it was high time i returned. Well i fitted 3 more visits to the great preserved line later in the year but thats a story for another day. I also went to the Plantbrook Nature Reserve, somewhere within walking distance of where i live but also somewhere nearby i really should visit more than i actually do.

In the middle of the month i had my graduation for my Masters which finally bought to an end 9 years of Open University study for me. I might do another course in future perhaps but have no plans at the moment. Artist of the month was Ane Brun for her haunting song that played during the final series of Wallander. The final episode was the first TV show to make me cry since... well the last episode of Wallander series 1 when Stefan died.

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