Sunday, December 21, 2014

10 years of blogging

The exact first blog post i wrote has long been lost but i've been blogging regularly since 2005 so i guess we can mark 10 years of blogging next year. Most of my blogs have been on the Blogger platform like this one though for a time i had a habit of changing my mind about blogs frequently,  continually creating new ones and deleting the old. These days though i just leave the old ones to gather digital dust. A couple of examples are A Meta Blog which dates from 2008-9 and Daily Wild Flower from 2009.

My oldest living blog is my canal blog which began in 2009, it is still updated 3 times a week. When i began blogging it was pretty niche, then became mainstream and everyone and their dog had a blog, now blogging is seen as rather passé as the kool kids have moved onto Instagram or whatever is cool nowadays but i am ploughing gamely on and blogging on. I tend to use blogging platforms as a poor man's CMS in any event and seldom talk about what i have had for dinner.

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