Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review of 2014 : December

And so the year comes to an end. December was a fairly quiet month though i did slip in a trip to Leamington Spa just before the end. I also rediscovered the joy of Lego and built various impractical spaceships. Christmas is a time for family and friends of course and saw trips up North to see my Auntie and cousins and my best friend made one of his occasional trips back over the Atlantic to the streets we both grew up on (and i never escaped!)

Reviewing this year i have to reflect it hasn't been a bad one but regrets i have a few. The fact i haven't moved on much with my history "career" is disappointing so i must start doing something about that. I have been sitting on a blog article on a canal scheme for some time as i need to go to the National Archives to look something up on it, unfortunately this year unlike last year i have a lot less free time to do something like that.

Maybe in 2015? We will see. Artist of the month was The Ice Choir which is kind of neat and tidy as they were my favourite artist throughout all of 2013. Right into the middle part of the 2010s we go.

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