Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review of 2014 : January

After spending most of 2013 as a full-time student (my Masters dissertation was submitted right at the end of the year) 2014 would be very different. Straight into a new job at the start of the year, a new-ish career path (e-learning developer instead of web - though they are pretty similar) and in a new city : Worcester.  A daily commute soon left me pretty tired and personal circumstances meant i soon had to go to London at weekends too. Traveling on the train every day did rekindle my interest in the railways however and i began to take a lot of railway photographs.

As January was not that cold i started my first model project of the year, like quite a few of the projects of 2014 it was to be used on my model railway which developed well in the year.

Postcode were artist of the month, enlivening the cold damp gloom of the month with their noise rock.

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