Friday, June 28, 2013

A826 progress w/c 24/06/13

On Saturday i attended the day school for my course, there is only one this year so this was probably the only opportunity to mean my tutor and fellow students. Some familiar faces from last year including in my tutor group which was good. The day school was useful and a lecture on mapping primary source material has given me the idea of mapping trade data to a street plan of Stratford, that could give me a better idea of economic development in the period.

This week has been one of hard yakka. I've gone through 40 years of newspaper archives in the British Library's 19th Century British Newspaper Collection (online i hasten to add!) I managed to find some useful snippets and information for my project. No show stoppers but some useful supplementary information and also some things to spark my thinking. Unfortunately the Stratford and Warwick titles of most interest are not in the collection though newspapers from Worcester and Oxford were, and had plenty of Stratford coverage plus some of the London publications.

I've now begun building a grid in TreeSheets of findings in my project to help me organise my thoughts. I also began BBIH searches (at long last) though nothing that useful has popped up yet. Another week of hard yakka awaits!

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