Monday, July 1, 2013

All things must end

The Summer solstice is the longest day, and 5 years ago it truly was the longest of all days when my Dad died. This year i decided i wanted to do something a bit special to mark the anniversary. As he was 72 when he died i decided to say a prayer to him each day for the 72 days up until the 21st of June. And so i did, i wrote a note of what the prayer was about and stuck it on a photo frame holding pictures of us both to avoid me repeating myself.

One thing i didn't do until quite late on was write the day's date on the note, which in hindsight was something i should have done from the start! If i missed a day (for example being in London) then i caught up as soon as possible but sometimes there was a bit of confusion as to what note was for when and so required a bit of counting on a calendar. Anyway we got there in the end...

Afterwards i burned the 72 notes in a candle. The flames taking away the memories to another place perhaps. What were the prayers? Well mostly just talking to him about events in the past, i believe in the spirit world and many realms, he can hear me i am sure as i always feel he is with me still, in my heart.
Surprising how well post-it notes burn!

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