Friday, June 7, 2013

A826 progress w/c 03/06/13

A fairly busy week in the life of this masters project. I completed the first TMA and submitted it, now this TMA does not count towards any marks but it is a refined (or is supposed to be anyway) dissertation proposal and a study timetable. The latter is fairly loose, i have only broken things down by month. I don't know if the OU expect me to break it down any finer, to be honest i wouldn't want to. I don't work that well to tight schedules!

The project is now firmly tramway focussed and i bought an interesting book, Bertram Baxter's "Stone blocks and iron rails" which is a bit of a classic text as far as horse-drawn tramways are concerned. For the next few weeks i intend to concentrate on secondary sources and then move into some archive work next month.

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