Monday, June 3, 2013

Garden progress report

Into June, the Summer proper. The garden should be blooming then eh? Well not quite but things are progressing nicely in some areas. My peas seem to be doing well, one has tripled in size since being transplanted outside a couple of weeks ago already! My nasturtiums (if that is the correct name, the spelling seems to vary a lot) are also doing well. I have them growing in all of my chimney pots and also have a "crop" (if you can refer to flowers like that) in the raised bed.

Radishes are also doing well, in fact i ate my first one grown in the garden yesterday. It was only a small radish but chopped up mixed well with some coleslaw. To try and encourage more birds into the garden i have just put up a bird seed thing. My plan is that seed eating birds may also attract insect eaters too and they can hoover up all the slugs!

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