Friday, June 14, 2013

A826 progress w/c 10/06/13

Onto the grind then, i spent some time this week on some of my secondary sources. I note all my references in a notebook which isn't very hi-tech i know. I do put the books into EndNote though hopefully for use when i begin writing something. I watched a tutorial of that program this week to remind myself how it works... though i might need to watch it again later!

I also gave the program TreeSheets a try, this is an organiser that allows you to make notes in a structured manner on-screen. It looks promising to try and make sense of all the facts i am uncovering.

The problem i got at the moment is that i am not 100% convinced my project is going in the correct direction. I am supposed to be examining whether the tramway had an effect on Stratford's economy, it could be though there isn't much evidence of that while i am finding plenty on the river and canal...

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