Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Musical musings (1) : 6 Music

I should love BBC 6 Music. The station caters to my age group, plays the indie music i listen to (and blog about) so it should be so locked on my radio that the tuning dial has gone stiff through lack of use. But unfortunately i find 6 Music unbearable. I've tried listening to it a number of times but manage at most 10 minutes before i have to turn it over to something like Capitol or Five Live.

This baffles me of course and i really wish it wasn't true but it is. I am wondering if its due to expectations. I expect to like the music on 6 Music whereas if i listen to the likes of Capitol i don't really expect to like the music and i treat it as aural wallpaper. So if i hear a song on 6 Music i don't like then i am disappointed (and to be honest a lot of indie is crap anyway especially the more mainstream stuff). Maybe i am just too weird and/or elitist and shun the company of my peers, yes that's probably it.

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