Friday, January 11, 2013

In between modules

A825 is completed and now i am waiting for my module result. Assuming i pass then A826 begins in May and then i will write the dissertation i proposed in A825.

What to do in between modules is the question. I will hopefully find out if i have passed A825 in March so any serious work into my dissertation will wait until then, it could be also that even if i pass there may be changes i need to make to my dissertation proposal so its probably best not to delve too deeply into it until then.

Starting next month i will start reading some of the secondary sources i identified which will be of use. They are mostly general to the topic so will remain relevant even if there need to be changes. If i don't end up having to do the dissertation after all well... the sources are pretty interesting to read anyway!

As well as this i also need to get my research methods sorted out, i relied on various notebooks in A825 which worked reasonably well though sometimes i had problems working out my references. I think i will invest in EndNote for A826. I might buy it soon anyway so i can be up to speed in how it works before i get into any serious research.

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